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Don’t Forget These Day-Of Wedding Essentials + Finishing Touches

More things to check off the to-do list? Yup. We know finalizing all the last-minute details before your wedding day arrives can be overwhelming, but worth all the effort to have everything lined up for the big day! Don’t forget to chat with your vendors and place your orders for these fun touches in plenty of time. These wedding essentials can add so much personality to help tell your story!

day-of wedding essentials

Calligraphy: Design to Flourish | Photo: Captivating Weddings

Programs + Order of Events Signage

Whether you choose to have individual programs printed, or a large order of events sign with all the details for guests to read as they enter, ceremony and reception programs are a wonderful way to share all sorts of details. Keep it simple with just the order of events, add pizazz with an illustration or make it fun with a thank you note or even fun facts about your bridal party!


day-of wedding essentials

Calligraphy: Design to Flourish | Photo: Elizabeth Denny Photography

Place Cards

Place cards go hand-in-hand with your seating chart, denoting exactly where at the table each guest should sit and welcoming that person to their seat. A hand-calligraphed place card adds a touch of class!


day-of wedding essentials

Calligraphy: Design to Flourish | Photo: Elizabeth Denny Photography

Escort Cards

What’s the difference between place cards and escort cards? While place cards are found on the tables, escort cards are another kind of seating chart where guests find their name and pick up their own place card from the wall (to then escort them to their table). We love both options!


day-of wedding essentials

Calligraphy: Design to Flourish | Florals: Bricolage | Photo: Kayla Snell Photography

Signature Drink Sign

Welcome guests to the bar and invite them to have a little fun by showing off your signature drinks in a fun visual way!


Other Day-Of Wedding Essentials and Finishing Touches

Signage and stationery (more than just the invitation – anything involving words on display!) are often-overlooked but oh-so-important wedding day essentials and contribute to the overall hospitality your guests feel as part of your big day. It’s the little things that make an impression! Overwhelmed by the options and not sure exactly what you’ll need? Reach out to a professional Austin calligrapher to assist and make the details of your dreams come true. Cheers!

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