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From Brides, For Brides: Your Best Wedding Day Advice

Calling all brides-to-be! Recently, we asked past brides on Instagram to share the best wedding day advice they heard as they planned their big day. We were blown away by the awesome responses and had a tough time choosing just a handful to pass along to you! Don’t forget to use Brides of Austin as a wedding resource to help ease the stress of finding vendors and inspiration for your dream day. We’ve got you covered, with dozens of Austin’s top wedding vendors and loads of gorgeous inspiration, from Hill Country rustic to downtown modern and sleek. Scroll below to see the wedding day advice these brides needed when they were in your shoes. Happy planning!

From Brides, For Brides: Your Best Wedding Day Advice

Photo: Feather & Twine

On photography tips:

“Invest in a great photographer! Your wedding pictures are forever.” – Melinda U.

“Go through the formality of all the family photos. We did not and we regret it so much!” – Meagan J.

“Less cake and table pictures and more with your friends and family members.” – Carolina J.

“Make sure you put enough time to the side for pictures with your parents and husband.” – Marina J.

On focusing on what matters:

“No matter what you do, someone will have an unfavorable opinion.” – Rachel G.

“Your planning focus should be your husband, not your guests!” – Taylor B.

“Schedule more alone time with your significant other.” – C.S.

“Don’t care so much about the details! And don’t take planning so seriously.” – B.R.M.

Other helpful tidbits:

“Buy your gown early!” – Tammy F.

“Make sure you have your speech and vows ready to go so you’re not worrying about them.” – Madeleine G.

“Do not DIY anything the week of.” – B.S.C.

“Have your coordinator save you both a piece of the cake!” – Astrid A.

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