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Your wedding is all about the mood it conveys, so choosing an Austin wedding planner that can create the rich, refined vibe of your dreams is of the utmost importance! That’s where professionals like Austin wedding planner Blue Sparrow Events come in, bringing along with them a sophisticated and romantic wedding style aiming to elevate your unique taste.


A note from Vanna of Blue Sparrow Events: “As wedding planners, our passion is to facilitate an environment that encourages deep, meaningful connections among loved ones to be created and cherished for life. We’re inspired by the innate need for love and belonging that we as humans all seek and deserve (think Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). We believe in elevating each touchpoint throughout a wedding day to surprise and delight guests, surrounding them in appreciation for their presence. The love our couples have for each other and for their loved ones inspires us to create the most remarkable occasion for all those in attendance to experience and treasure for life.”


Vanna and team pride themselves on creating a magical wedding ambiance that you can see for yourself in the stunning wedding and styled shoot we have the pleasure of showcasing below. Take a look at some of Blue Sparrow Events‘ best work in this planner portfolio!



Styled Wedding Inspiration

blanton art museum wedding

Austin wedding planner Blue Sparrow Events

Austin wedding planner Blue Sparrow Events

modern artful cake display

Photos // Penelope L’amore Photography


Services We Offer

With our exclusive full-service wedding planning and design experience, we partner collaboratively with each of our couples throughout the length of their engagement. This includes meticulous planning and design for the duration of planning leading up to the wedding day itself.


What Sets Austin Wedding Planner Blue Sparrow Events Apart

I believe what sets us apart is our ability to build trusting relationships with both our couples and our fellow vendors. We achieve this by asking thoughtful questions, listening and having those challenging conversations. Communication is the key to any solid relationship, and when it comes to the caliber of the celebrations we produce, there’s no such thing as “too much” communication. We establish trust by making our couples feel seen, heard and validated.


Real Wedding Love

horseshoe escort cards

western horseshoe invitation suite

Austin wedding planner Blue Sparrow Events

Austin wedding planner Blue Sparrow Events

Austin wedding planner Blue Sparrow Events

Photos // Holly Marie Photo


Our Aesthetic

We delight in creating a magical wedding ambiance that looks as rich and sophisticated as it makes guests feel. You’ll find our weddings are full of romantic touches, colorful influences, and pattern and texture play. We’re most known for our reception transformations. Utilizing our design expertise, we bring depth, interest, and dimension to each space for a transformative result. We focus carefully on spatial planning to create harmony and flow, coupled with statement accents and thoughtfully curated details for a total “wow” factor.


Our Focus

At Blue Sparrow Events, we work to understand what is most important to our couples so that we can bring more depth and significance to their wedding celebration. Ultimately, when the wedding day arrives, we feel a profound sense of connectedness and appreciation knowing we helped foster an environment where remarkable memories are made before our eyes. We feel simply euphoric – the joy, the love, the fun – it’s a spectacle to witness and it only becomes more fulfilling with each wedding we produce.


Why Choose Austin Wedding Planner Blue Sparrow Events

If a couple’s goal is to create an unforgettable experience that’s as significant and meaningful as their love story, then they’ve come to the right place. As someone who leads with passion and intense care, I’m deeply devoted to the final outcome. No two weddings we produce are the same. We make it our mission to pull the unique elements and sweet details out of each couple’s story in order to make it better than they could have imagined.

Searching for the Austin wedding planner that can create the rich, refined vibe you love? Connect with Blue Sparrow Events via their vendor profile here!

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