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Austin Wedding Florist Spotlight Series – Remi & Gold

Photos by Sophie Epton Photography

Today’s second wedding florist spotlight blog features Twyla Rochelle of Remi & Gold! Captured by wedding photographer Sophie Epton at Peached Social House, this arrangement is an artful, modern twist on garden style. Read more about Remi & Gold and this gorgeous design below, and stay tuned to the blog as we continue to share more Austin wedding florists!

About The Artist
“I am inspired by art in every sense of the word. Everything from museums to fashion shows, international and domestic travels, and definitely nature and cultures all play roles in shaping my personal design tendencies. I’ve learned to pay attention to my surroundings day in and day out because I never want to get bored in a particular rhythm. It’s amazing how inspiration has the power to find you wherever you’re at as long as you’re open to it and paying close attention it has a way of finding it’s way to you! I try to keep myself challenged with new ideas and ways to incorporate floral into nontraditional installations and settings.

My favorite thing about working in this industry and specifically this medium of design is sitting back and listening to the overall aesthetic and vibe a couple is seeking to create for their wedding day and being able to say, ‘YES! We can absolutely make your day feel and look that way!’”

About The Design
“My personal objective is for my floral designs to feel artful and natural. I always attempt to lean on the hope that if I stay true to designing floral pieces that I personally find inspiring and aesthetically pleasing, others will feel that seem feeling. I gravitate towards movement and color as a designer and focus on being intentional with the products and textures I pair together. Both movement and color are elements that play key roles in this arrangement. I used a lot of full body florals including dahlias, peonies, ranunculus, garden roses and bougainvillea in this particular design.”