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Ask the Expert – Q&A with Kristin La Voie Photography

You dream about the day you’ll find your person — then once you’re engaged, you start dreaming about your wedding vendors. With that in mind, we’re playing matchmaker in this edition of Ask the Expert. Meet Kristin La Voie, owner of Kristin La Voie Photography. She’s a fine art, lifestyle and wedding photographer that is as excited about your special day as you are. Keep reading to learn more about her process and how she can help capture the most precious, genuine moments of your wedding day!

Photo // Kristin La Voie Photography

Describe your photography style.

Natural and romantic with lots of genuine emotion, real smiles and belly laughs! Shot with both digital and film formats. 

Tell us what you love most about being a photographer.

It’s a privilege to be chosen as someone’s photographer. You are given behind the scenes, up close and personal access into their lives and most private moments. To be the one to capture it all, so these most important memories can live on forever, is not a role to be taken lightly. I get to imprint myself into the biggest days of their lives in the most unique way! 

What has been a favorite moment you have captured?

I love all moments, big and small, but I recently had the opportunity to document a couple’s favorite band surprise them at their reception. Their reactions and raw emotion were priceless. 

Are you pro first looks?

Yes, if they make sense for the couple! Firstly, I would never want to push something onto them they are not comfortable with. But if their day consists of everything taking place at the same venue with the reception immediately following the ceremony, it makes the most sense to have one. If there is enough time between the ceremony and reception for all their photos and to not feel rushed, then it is not necessary. It’s all about comfort level, keeping a nice flow to the day and having everyone happy!

Where are your favorite places to shoot?

I love personal locations to the couple, like their favorite coffee shop, where they hike with their pup, in the kitchen cooking together and their own backyard. Places where they’ve shared great memories together mean more than just a generic pretty location. But as always, also a spot with great light! 

A special thank you to Kristin of Kristin La Voie Photography. You can reach this talented  fine art lifestyle wedding photographer for your Austin or destination wedding by contacting her directly through her Brides of Austin vendor profile.